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Are you struggling? Did you know that there is a difference from practicing and playing? Sure you did but what exactly? Through my lessons we will discover the difference so you can reach YOUR GOALS at the fastest rate possible!

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Welcome! Hey! Welcome to Plainfield Guitar lessons! Great to see that you have taken an interest in learning the guitar. Learning to play the guitar has been a exciting journey for me and its still on going! There is nothing more fulfilling than accomplishing YOUR GOALS and being able to ROCK OUT at free will.

I'm lookng forward to starting your journey today!!!

Do you have any questions or concerns? Please check out the lessons tab. If there are furher questions I invite you to contact me personally through the contact tab in the top right corner of your browser.

FAQ "How do you organize your lessons?"

My lessons are GOAL oriented based on what you want as a player. I will teach you whatever you want in the best possible way according to my ability. After your goals are set i will create a strategy to meet each and everyone of your needs.

"I am a new player, how long will it take to achieve my goals?"

This is a very tough question. This really depends on the type of person you are and how effective your practice schedules are. Typically speaking, within three months of working with me you will be able to devople basic techniques and play a few simple songs. There may be some people who only want to be able to play a few songs which is totally fine. Although, there are others who want to be in a band and travel the world as world class guitarist. These people will have to work significantly harder than the others. In the most basic form, the answer to the question totally depends on the goals you have set for your self.

"I have no talent so i cannot become a great guitarist"

This by far is my favorite comment or statement and my answer is simple. I do not believe in talent. Talent is created through excellent practice habits, commitment, dedication, and desire to achive your goals. I would say 90% of your favorite guitarists spent years developing their skills. Generally speaking, in order to master something there is the rule of 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. Dont worry though, each and everytime you progress the guitar becomes that much more fun. bottom corner